IBM Announces Food Collaboration

IBM announces in a press release a Blockchain cooperation for higher food safety. The announcement included the introduction of the first fully integrated IBM Blockchain platform designed to ensure the rapid adoption of Blockchain technology.

A group of leading companies in the global food supply chain yesterday announced a Blockchain collaboration with IBM. The goal is to further strengthen consumer confidence in the global food system. The consortium includes Dole, Driscoll’s, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and Company, Nestlé, McLane Company, Tyson Foods, Unilever and Walmart. Together with IBM, the companies are working to identify new areas of application for blockchain in the global supply chain.

According to the World Health Organization, one in ten people get sick each year from contaminated food and around 400,000 people die as a result. Many food safety issues, such as contamination-related diseases, waste and expensive food recalls, are exacerbated by lack of access to information and poor traceability. It can now take weeks to find the exact cause of contamination. As a result, more people become ill.

Blockchain technology is now being used to find a way of dealing with these Bitcoin trader problems

It offers all participants a trustworthy environment in which Bitcoin trader transactions can be processed more transparently like this Participants in the global food supply chain, such as farmers and producers, suppliers, the processing industry, retailers, government agencies and consumers, can use a blockchain network to obtain secure and reliable information on the origin and condition of food for their transactions.

The cooperating companies want to take advantage of this. Marie Wieck, IBM General Manager Blockchain, says:

„Blockchain technology is changing the way like-minded organizations can work together. Because everyone involved has exactly the same view of things, a single view of the truth, mutual trust increases enormously. Our work with organizations across the food ecosystem, as well as IBM’s new blockchain platform, will help companies realize the full potential of this promising technology. Organizations of all sizes and industries can move faster from the concept phase to productive operations and run business processes more efficiently with Blockchain.“

New Integrated IBM Blockchain Platform for the crypto trader

The IBM Blockchain Platform for the crypto trader is accessible via the IBM Cloud and facilitates all steps in building a blockchain network: it enables multiple crypto trader parties to jointly develop, control and operate blockchain networks. This enables organizations to put their own business networks into operation very quickly.

The platform incorporates IBM’s experience from more than 400 customer projects in industries such as financial services, supply chain and logistics, retail, government and healthcare.

Already thoroughly tested, the IBM Blockchain Platform addresses all the security, performance, collaboration and data protection challenges that organizations face – both technically and organizationally. It offers innovations that are the result of open source collaboration in the Hyperledger community. These include the latest Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 framework and the Hyperledger Composer Blockchain tool, both hosted by the Linux Foundation.