Californian lawyer accepts Bitcoin for election campaign

Christina Gagnier is the youngest Krongress candidate to accept Bitcoin donations for her election campaign.

The Democrat represents the 35th Congress District in California and is professionally active as a successful entrepreneur and lawyer specializing in technology and Internet law. Gagnier said that some voters have approached her and increasingly asked whether she also accepts Bitcoin. She was happy to do so and the decision of the FEC (Federal Elections Committee) to accept Bitcoin as a donation came just in time.

Gagnier: „My campaign is aimed at meeting my voters there as they happen to be. I also like to go to my voters and ask them where I can help or try to involve them in my campaigns through the Bitcoin acceptance“.

To launch the Bitcoin news, Gagnier has partnered with Coinbase

Gagnier says that politicians who speak publicly about their positive experiences with digital currencies can accelerate and consolidate popular acceptance. She also believes that Bitcoin news needs representatives to bring technological progress to the country’s regulators.

„Technology affects and will affect every industrial sector,“ Gagnier said, referring to the constant problem that Bitcoin technology is always faster than the law. „With a congress of members from different backgrounds, we will be able to build a regulation that is workable and beneficial to a wide range of industries“.

Bitcoin news vs. regulation

Gagnier is co-founder of the technology Bitcoin news company Gagnier Margossian LLP. She is also managing director of JobScout, an online platform where job seekers can improve their application skills.

She says she would like to see digital currencies help smaller companies stay competitive, but that requires more clarity and a unified set of rules:

„If each state has its own laws dealing with the transfer of money and now the states start drafting their own Bitcoin laws to regulate Bitcoin, this leads to a lot of confusion among those who want to accept Bitcoin. A single guideline and coherent legal framework would be very helpful.“

The new electoral environment
Gagnier is now one of many MEPs who publicly support Bitcoin. A handful of MEPs are already accepting Bitcoin for whaling campaigns.

Apparently with public support and the FEC’s new guideline, which officially allowed Bitcoin to donate for political purposes, BitPay announced several new partnerships to make it even easier for politicians to accept Bitcoin. The payment processor has partnered with CoinVox, NGP VAN and Targeted Victory. All three companies offer support in conducting election campaigns.