Private Equity Funds for Bitcoin Mining

In order to make Bitcoin Mining attractive to professional investors within such a regulated framework, there is now the private equity fund “Bitcoin Farming”. There is also a first investment object already. This is located in Sweden with approximately 2,000 high-performance computers. Due to the current Bitcoin price, mining is currently still below the market […]

Security breach: Ledger Nano S must be updated!

A 15-year-old discovered a vulnerability in the Ledger Nano S Wallet that allows him to redirect transactions and manipulate both seeds and recovery passwords. In collaboration with Ledger developers, they have now developed an update for the offline wallet, which should definitely be installed. Hacker Saleem Rashid stated on his blog on March 20 that […]

An Introduction to Binary Options

Binary options are becoming more and more popular – Trading, which is already possible with a few Euros, has convinced many traders in the past. Below you will find all the relevant facts and information you need for a rough understanding of binary options. What are binary options used for Bitcoin profit? Binary options are […]

IBM Announces Food Collaboration

IBM announces in a press release a Blockchain cooperation for higher food safety. The announcement included the introduction of the first fully integrated IBM Blockchain platform designed to ensure the rapid adoption of Blockchain technology. A group of leading companies in the global food supply chain yesterday announced a Blockchain collaboration with IBM. The goal […]

Californian lawyer accepts Bitcoin for election campaign

Christina Gagnier is the youngest Krongress candidate to accept Bitcoin donations for her election campaign. The Democrat represents the 35th Congress District in California and is professionally active as a successful entrepreneur and lawyer specializing in technology and Internet law. Gagnier said that some voters have approached her and increasingly asked whether she also accepts […]

What exactly can we imagine by this?

On your website you can read that BlockState wants to build bridges between the traditional financial sector and the crypto economy With our products we want to bring together the efficiency gains of blockchain technology with the compliance requirements of the classical financial world and thus build a bridge. Our mission is not to abolish […]